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How to get in

Generally speaking, individuals wishing to participate in the Special Meeting of the MPS in FES will arrive at one of the following airports: Rabat airport or Casablanca airport.

The airport of Casablanca Mohamed V
Participants arriving to Casablanca airport will have to take the train and the trip will be detailed as the following:

First, take a train (there is a train each hour) from the airport to “Casa Voyageur”. The trip costs 60 MAD (about 6 €).

Second, take the second train from “Casa Voyageur” to Bouznika. The trip from Casablanca to Bouznika takes about 30 minutes and costs 60 MAD (About 7 €). (view more information, contact : )

The airport of Rabat
Taking into account the fact that the airport of Rabat has knwown an important extension of its location and the capacity of reception, we believe that it will be receiving an important number of participants in the Special Meeting.

If you wish taking a train, the trip from Rabat takes about two and a half to three hours, and costs 60 MAD (About 5 €) . First class compartments are generally well air-conditioned, with assigned and numbered seats.

For other possible options, and if you don't have too much luggage, take the car .......


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